PD99 Power bank flashlight



PD-99 Power bank 2 in 1 Led flashlight, Aluminium equip with CREE-XPG-R5 led 300lm



PD99 not only a powerful flashlight but also a power bank to keep your portable device power on the go.

PD99 is equipped with CREE-XPG-R5 led emitting a shining light up to 300 lumens. Featuring 3 difference function modes that ensure offer the right lighting solution in difference circumstances. A strobe light for self-defense gives you something in your hand to attack with or using it as an animal repellent. 

This flashlight encapsulates two functions as this multi-use tool combines a  flashlight with a 2800mAh rechargeable battery that lets it double up as a power bank to charge your portable device. When used strictly for illumination the 18650 Li-ion  battery can power the flashlight for morn than 4 hours

To use the flashlight as power bank just plug a USB lead into the recharge port which locates at the side of the torch.So whenever your portable device ran out of power, simply connect it to the flashlight. 


  Model PD-99  
  Product Size 25.8 x 4.4 x 4.4 cm  
  Function mode: High Low Strobe  
  Lumen: (lm) 300 85 300  
  operation Time (min) 270 900 700  
  Material Aluminium alloy 6061-T6  
  Power by 3.7V 18650 2800mAh Li-ioin battery  
  Waterproof IPX-8  
  Color: Black / titanium / military gray  
  Rcrash Resistant 2 M  

a).When the power of the battery is above 70%, three green lights are on.

b).When the power of the battery is between 40% to 70%, two green lights are on.

c).When the power of the battery is under 40%, one green light is on.

Input charge for Flashlight/output Charge for mobile phone