PL-11 Penlight

Width: 1.45 cm
Length: 1.45 cm
Height: 10 cm

PL-11 Pocket Light Led, Aluminium equipped with CREE-XPG-R5 led


Amazing mini size flashlight PL11 is ultra small and very light weight making it easy to carry in your pocket. It makes you leave out of darkness wherever and whenever you go.

The flashlight is equipped with Cree-XPG-R5 provide white shinning light up to 150 LM & beam coverage 100 meters that are bright enough to replace your full standard size flashlight. It's using 1AAA Duracell battery 
offers you with hour's worth of illumination. Made of a tough aluminum alloy are impact and scratch resistant. Making this perfect Led flashlight to keep on you at all times or keep in your home in case of an emergency



  Model PL-11  
  Product Size 10 x 1.45 x.1.45cm   
  Function mode: High Low Stobe  
  Lumen: (lm) 150 30 150  
  operation Time (min) 50 250 150  
  Material Aluminium alloy 6061-T6  
  Power by 1AAA Duracell battery   
  Waterproof IPX-8  
  Color: Black / Titanium / Military Gray  
  Rcrash Resistant 2 M  
  -Utilities CREE-XPG-R5 emit shining light up to 150lm  
  -Feature 3 difference mode high/low & strobe light  
  -Beam distance 100 meter  
  -Compact size & light weight (1.45x10 cm/100g) easy carrying  
  -Continues working time 1.5 hours at 100 LM  
  -Made of tough aluminum alloy 6061-T6  
  -Powered by 1AAA Duracell battery  giving constant bright
  -Waterproof rate protection: IPX8  
  Package Included  
  1 x PL11 Flashlight CREE-XPG-R5 led 150LM