Oven Lamp (T Shape) 26mm E14


Oven Lamp T26x56mm E14   

Product Features: Compact size, Main AC voltage, no transformer required for operation, Dimmable ,Construction reinforced Constant lighting output, advanced technology, high quality with long service life. Safely, stable & reliability, Moisture Protection, EN60432 compliance.

 Bulb Diameter: 26mm 

Max Length:   56mm 

Voltage: 230V

Base: E14

Primary Application: Oven, various kind of electrical application.


  Oven Lamp ST26x56mm Pear Type E14S  
  Model Mft ref Volt Power Life Lux Bulb  
  (V) (W) (Hrs) (Lm) Finish  
  2756-230 ------------- 230V 10 >2000 45 Clear  
  2756-231 ------------- 230V 15 >2000 70  
  2756-236 ------------- 230V 25 >2000 180