MV Reflector Halogen Lamp GU10


Main voltate Relfector Halogen lamp GU10 110V/230V Size51x53mm 

Product Features:  Mains Voltage, no transformer required, High Lighting efficiency, Economical Light sources and long life, easy installation and safe, spot lighting, dimmable.

Bulb diameter: 51mm 

Max Length: 53mm 

Voltage: 110V / 230V

Base: GU10

Primary Application: Ideal lighting source for Industrial lighting and home decorative lighting or shops displaying, Hotel and  restaurants.

  Model Dim Volt Power Av. Life Beam Base Axis  
  DxL(mm) (V) (W) (Hrs) Angel CD  
  MV Reflector Halogen Lamp GU10  
  GU-25W-GZ10 51X53 110/240 25 2000 40 deg GU10 400  
  GU-35W-GZ10 35 2000 560  
  GU-50W-GZ10 50 2000 800  
  GU-60W-GZ10 60 2000 1000  
  GU-75W-GZ10 75 2000 1200